Don't let viruses and bacteria run your home

Trust the experts at Natural Mold Solution

Do you ever wonder what could be living on the surfaces in your home?

Your home is a sanctuary for your family and should be treated as such. At Natural Mold Solution, we understand that keeping your home virus and bacteria-free is a priority and have launched a probiotic purifying solution that will do just that, and more!

Natural Air Solution will use utilize and supply the equipment necesary to quickly and safely disperse the powerful probiotic solution throughout any home, office, medical facility, or school. The chemical-free natural purifying solution will carry throughout your space land on surfaces allowing it to penetrate hard to reach objects such as keyboards, carpets, toys, linens, door handles, and much more.

Not only does this solution eliminate harmful particles from your home, but it also prevents them from returning by eliminating the "food" that bacteria and viruses feed off of.

Commercial industries we can serve:

Commercial industries we can serve:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitality
  • Schools/Daycare
  • Residential Buildings
  • Green Houses
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Commercial Buildings

When the staff of the Brooklyn Nets moved into our new offices and practice facility we experienced a bad odor problem as well as a member of our staff experiencing the symptoms of sick building syndrome. The Brooklyn Nets management team's goal first and foremost is to always eliminate 100% the risk of our athletes getting sick, but also to provide the healthiest possible environment where our staff has no distractions from hindering their work performance. So we decided to install a BetterAir system which eliminated the odor issues immediately while the one member who was complaining about sickness hasn't complained since. Based upon our experience I would definitely recommend BetterAir for use in other buildings.

Dan West

Sr.Manager of Operations at Brooklyn Nets

I am both glad and proud to be a leader in the field of "healthy buildings" that protects the well-being of both tenants and visitors at the Azrieli Tower complex.

Yoav Gazit

Ceo- Azrieli buildings

"Careful analysis of these results clearly shows that Better Air environmental probiotics have been found effective in creating of a more balanced Indoor microbiome inside the treated planes"

Nimrod Demiao

Manger In flight service Div. ,EL-AL

The report showed a reduction in infectious microbial load, furthermore, there was an improvement in employee's well being.

Commander Dr Zvi Lenkovsky,

Chief Medical officer Israel Police forces